[SOLVED] Add Hyperlink to new fields in Symbol and Layout Editor

I must be missing something. The Datasheet field allows launching Hyperlinks directly, but new fields cannot. I’ve checked for attributes i.e. right clicking, etc. Is this the only field that can actually launch Hyperlinks? If so, this should be a feature add since there are multiple vendors PN’s, application notes, etc.

There won’t be a Network-Globe icon but, you can Right-Click and Open-Link

Added: Also, you can place a ‘Text’ - the panel contains Link field…

If you add the field type in Preferences > Schematic Editor > Field Name Templates you can check the “URL” checkbox to let KiCad know that you want a URL picker for that field in Symbol Properties.


For me it’s more the other way around.
I store datasheets locally, and have local copies for each of my projects. KiCad used to show a folder icon in the datasheet link, so I could open a file browser and add the link to my local datasheet. And now, with the globe icon, it insists on doing something wit a web browser. (Sigh).

But when I paste in the full name of a local datasheet, then it still opens them with my regular pdf reader. I have also made links to pictures, which are shown in the program associated with those pictures (I use this for those multi color / column pin diagrams) and to Spreadsheet tables, which are dutifully opened in LibreOffice.

I never looked into the details, but what probably happens is that KiCad just trows the file to your OS, and it does watever it wants with it, depending on file type (windoze) or mime type (Linux).

Paul, thanks for expanding on what can actually be put in the field once its setup in preferences. I always like having options :wink:

Thanks Jeff, that was the trick…

After adding the field and doing a refresh in the Symbol Editor, I get a globe for the field.

Thought I had a double post and deleted my reply :face_with_peeking_eye:

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