[SOLVED] 6.0 RC1 U/I shortcuts


In v5.x, “I” was used to select all tracks on a net, while “U” is used to select a single track.

I am trying to figure out how to select a single track in 5.99, apparently there is not shortcut for that, “U” is now changed to select all tracks on a net, which is really confusing.

Is the shortcut scheme complete in 5.99, by the looks of it, it is not.

When “U” is first pressed, the selection looks like this:

Now pressing “U” for the second time:

Honestly I prefer the way V5.x of “U” and “I”…

AFAIK first “U” should select the track part between neighbouring nodes (pads, vias, joints). Next “U” should expand the selection to the whole track length.
But I found this working inconsistently, e.g. first “U” does not stop on the pad if the track ends do not end in pad’s track anchor point.
In your first image, 1st “U” should IMO select the whole track part between the SMT pad and TH pad but for some reason, one segment is left off.
Switch to Track outline display mode, and see if the track ends meet there exactly with no offset.

Here is the track, I can’t see any issues with it:

I have always found the difference between u and i a bit confusing.

I find the current solution with depressing u the first time for a small selection, and then extending it when u is depressed the second or third time an improvement.

When the way a shortcut key works changes, it always is a bit confusing and it takes some time to get used to it.

It does look like the algorithm could be improved. My expectation is that each press of u progressively selects more, upto the next pad, via or T-split, but it does not entirely work this way.

Sometimes all the remaining copper is selected when pressing u for the 2nd time, and sometimes the 3rd time you press it selects more.

But as I have shown, the track has no issues, and “U” is supposed to select that track, not part of it, I don’t have issues with progressive selection of the entire net, but you will end up pressing ESC a lot at some point if you are not content with that selection and go over this again. So, separating this functionality as in V5.x is far better… i.e. “U” select a single track, and “I” select entire net copper.

Also “I” is not even working in 5.99. Try it yourself, and you will find it really annoying this way. Now I understand why, “U” is supposed to replace it, however “U” is not functioning correctly. See below, it is inconsistent, in both cases “U” is pressed once:

Set the track view to outline mode to see if there’s some difference between the left and right tracks.

Indeed, if the left/right track selection behaves differently, there must be a reason for that.
It would be helpful if you could upload your sample project (or part of it) which exhibits unwanted behavior and possibly report to Gitlab.

Here is the sample project: SOIC14.zip (255.5 KB)

I see nothing suspicious in the design. The track endings collide perfectly. The same thing happens in the similar tracks in the lower section. I think this is a bug.

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OK, so it seems the reason for different R/L behavior is that the Bottom track joint for the R track is perfectly under the Top track joint; while for the L track, the segment joints are slightly off-set.
However it seems that it’s the bug that stops the selection at the place where Top/Bot segment endpoint coordinates are equal, even if there’s no copper connection between these in offending spot.

@elekgeek can you submit a bug ticket to Gitlab, or you want me to submit the issue?


@fred4u plz file it, I am on a long drive tbh. Kindly post the link here.


Issue reported here: https://gitlab.com/kicad/code/kicad/-/issues/9610

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This bug is partially fixed at the moment thanks to @JeffYoung

Thank you @JeffYoung, this is resolved :slight_smile:

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