[Solved] 4 Displays 16K33 3D module

Hello, I am looking for a 3D module for this type of display:

The dimensions of the board are: 51mm X 28mm X 10mm the connector is in the pitch of 2 "54. Or if you have a .step or .wrl model modifiable via Freecad to not start from scratch! Thank you.

you may have a look at this eagle brd file
Adafruit 7seg backpack.brd
to create a 3D model from it…
import the brd in kicad, save it and import the board in freecad to play with the model.

Thanks Maui, I’ll take a look and keep you posted …

Ok, the .brd file seems not Kicad readable, on version 5, I try to import without success. Then I load with V5.99 :

At the end :

Not sure to understand how to import board into Freecad ?
I’m not fluent user of Freecad … :wink:

It is an Eagle .brd file - KiCad can import it into a new project. The .brd extension is fairly generic - and for V6 onwards, the extension for a native KiCad board will be .kicad_pcb

You can import the board into FreeCad using the excellent @maui extension - StepUp.

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Going back to the original question, I found a .step file of an equivalent card.

0.56in I2C 4 digit 7 segment LED.step (539.0 KB)
If it helps …
PS: PS: I put the subject as resolved, for FreeCad questions I will refer to the relevant posts.

@vidalv since the initial release, StepUp has improved a lot and now it simply possible to Open a ‘kicad_pcb’ board file in FreeCAD as in this more recent video:

@John_Pateman I just realized that in old ksu videos the method to import the k board is obsolete …
I think I should add some comment to show how easy is to open a k file in fc now…

Indeed !
I don’t have exactly the same buttons in freecad 0.18, when I load my PCB:

I validate all the layers but it neither has the tracks …
I still have to learn!
Thank you.

you didn’t loaded kicadStepUpMod in FreeCAD, you loaded PCB Workbench, which is a different WB.

No, is it the right Github :

Inside the zip file a PCB directory, I move this to the C:\Program Files\FreeCAD 0.18\Mod directory. When I start Freecad I select :
After I load my PCB :

library or options must be missing … From my side.

Install it from within FreeCAD.

Tools --> Add-on Manager --> Workbenches - KiCadStepup

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Hi, so finally I installed both with the option under Freecad “Add On Manager”:
After a basic test, it seems to me (for me) that KiCadStepUp is easier to use, you have to define a grid origin in PCBNew in order to macanically align the two tools. With my simple example here is what it gives:
FreeCad Tool :

PCBNew Tool :

Not Bad !

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