[Solved] 3D Viewer 7.99: Did the flip function change?

Recently, when flipping a board in the 3D viewer, there is a sequence

  • original board
  • board rotated 180°
  • board flipped
  • flipped board rotated 180°
  • restart

Is this new or simply a bug?

Looks good in:
Version: 7.99.0-unknown-ace7cbddfe~172~ubuntu22.04.1, release build
Date: Oct 15 2023 03:18:17

3D view with “f” just flips the board. Same result as rotating the board 18 times with the Y icon. (From my way of seeing things, Y rotation and Z rotation are interchanged)

I used the icon

Same result as F. It rotates 180 degrees around the Z axis.

Ok, thx. Anyways, here’s the video, just in case someone else wants to see that.

This is not what happens in my today’s copy. It works as expected.

I happen to have 7.0.7rc1 and probably yesterday’s 7.99, both work correctly. I didn’t find any Preferences which logically might affect this.

With an old board 7.0.8 does not show the effect, 7.99 does. I cannot open my recent 7.99 boards with 7.0.8 for obvious reasons.

Thanks for checking anyways.

I just recompiled the latest 7.99 code, no problem. Try again with the next nightly build if you use nightly builds.

Myteriously solved by today’s nighly, although I cannot see any commits that might be related.

This was related to a change in quaternion data layout in glm library, which vcpkg had updated to an unreleased version. The glm version has been pinned to the working one.


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