Solider Jumpers without Footprint

I’m quite new to KiCad, started a design > 1 year ago, upgraded KiCad several times (now I’m at 5.1.9). I’m done with a schematic and now I want to convert that schematic to a PCB. As fas as I understood the process, I need to assign all symbols to footprints. Currently I try to assign footprints of the solder jumpers (Jumper:SolderJumper_2_Bridged). While the symbols already look like the intended footprints (cycle divided in the middle), I can’t find the required footprint anywhere?

The symbol properties tells me, that the library reference is Jumper:SolderJumper_2_Bridged. When I try to edit the Footprint value, the footprint editor pops up and I’m unable to find any footprint that comes even close to the required footprint.

Any idea, what I am doing wrong here?

you are probably after:

in the standard Jumper footprint library

Hi @Naib,
yes, that’s probably what I want to :slight_smile: For some reasons (maybe due to the longish release update history), I don’t have that footprint library available.

Any idea as how to fix this?

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The names of your footprint libraries are plural. This means that those libraries are from KiCad V4 or older.

This link into the FAQ should have plenty of info to help you to fix it:

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Yes, thanks. Having the old libraries still installed was the problem.

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