Solder-paste experience sharing

Any recommendations?

I was thinking epically about for home assembly when the time it takes to hand place the components can be quite long.

So you don’t want a solder paste that dries in that time.

Take a look at the thread I started in the “DIYAudio” Forum a few days ago. See “Problem with Solder Paste for DIY Reflow” at



Hm… the ones I use didn’t exactly want to stick to the pads like honey, but it worked good enough for the 3-4 tests I did with a toothpick for placing some test SMDs on test pcb pads where I didn’t had a stencil.
The bigger problem for me was to apply the correct amount as it usually was too much (bridged pads/pins and SOD devices being lifted up by the cohesion of the liquid solder during reflow).

Once I started using the stencil it was no problem any more.
The stuff sticks good enough to the pads and just not good enough to the stencil to be a headache.

It’s that Mechanic stuff you get in all places in the 30/50g tub.

Reflow oven is a new 1.5kW pizza oven that just about makes the temp profile of the paste (initial heat up ~1.4 degC/sec) and it shoots over by 10 degC when you switch it off.
The controller awaits programming - that was the first reflow in that oven to get something working out of it :wink:


It is quite helpful though.

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