Snapping to grid

Is there any way to snap a selection to a grid point. I find items get off the grid and it’s difficult to snap them to a grid point

In which program?
Schematic or PCB?

Eeschema has historically been very dependent on the grid for recognizing connections between pins on schematic symbols and wires, and therefore it has always been recommended to always place schematic symbols on a grid of “50”. In KiCad V6 it has a built-in function to align a selection onto the grid.

When working with selections, you have an additional problem of needing both an origin and a destination point. so instead of trying to explain a lot of possibilities, give us first a better explanation of what you want to achieve.

As it’s posted in layout , I was soley foscusing on pcb placement.

For example I cut an paste in a pcb segment with a board outline into a 1mm grid , I can’t place the snap corner of the board on the actual 1mm grid , it’s on a 1mm grid all right but relative to itself. So trying to line two seperate selections onto such a grid isn’t straightforward

Pcbnew really needs a snap selection to grid option

Right clicking on the selection and then selecting: Special Tools / Move with Reference may work for you. It lets you choose an anchor point in your selection, and that point is then used as a reference for the destination.

Yes but you cant select a grid point as a reference

If you choose a grid point as a reference, you can not move the selection from off grid to On grid.

To get an Off Grid selection On Grid you have to choose for example a pad or track end in the selection, and then choose a grid point as an end point.

Not really a solution. What I wanted was To align a whole board vertex to a grid point

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