Snapping footprints next to each other


I thought it would be easy to find a way in Kicad to snap footprints together so that they are perfectly next to each other. But I have not find a way to do it. How can I snap for example these Cherry MX-switches next to each other perfectly? I have tried to change preferences, but no luck. I can only snap to grid.

Thank you!

A simple snapping/positioning feature is currently missing. Nevertheless the goal can be achieved also with existing available kicad tools.

I usually draw footprints on a even grid, so graphically moving the footprints around and snapping to the grid works well enough.

If I have footprints with a given, defined spacing (for instance 5.08mm-connectors, or your switch-example):

  • I place the first footprint at the first desired location
  • I place the second footprint exactly on top of the first (the snapping-feature helps)
  • than use “Move exactly” (my most used positioning-tool, I have assigned “Ctrl+M” as hotkey) with the known footprint-pitch.
  • because the “Move exactly”-tool retains the move-values this works fast enough for even for placing multiple footprints.
  • if the pitch is unknown it can be measured from the existing footprint with the dimensioning-tool

It would also work to first set the grid to the size of your MX-switches and than place one footprint after another at this exact grid.

If you need a footprint-matrix (switches for a keyboard?) you could also try the “create array”-command.

remark to your picture: it’s better if you attach the picture directly in your thread instead with an external link

I use only defined by me footprints. I draw Courtyard rectangles using 0.1mm grid and I work at PCB with 0.1mm grid. I have no problem to place one footprint next to the second.

Thanks fot the answers, guys! Very helpful.

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