SnapEDA desktop app is asking for eeschema API

There is quite some controversy in the community around the SnapEDA.
But in my opinion, it might be still usable for some occasional users like me who don’t maintain their own library.

As you can see from the linked post. When selecting the component from their desktop app:
After a few seconds, KiCad Pcbnew will automatically open
Note: The reason why we are opening the Pcbnew footprint layout instead of the schematic is that KiCad doesn’t yet support APIs with the schematic layout.

I believe there is Python API release scheduled for the v7.
But is there any other way they can use currently with the app to put the component in the symbols library and then refresh it instead of opening a new window as they do with PCBnew? Placing the newly added component on the schematic automatically would be an ultimate function. But it’s not necessary if it’s hard to do.

The support from the SnapEDA seems to be pretty responsive. I hope I will be able to send them this thread with the suggestions so they can make their app better support kicad. Of course, if this is possible.


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