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There is an old thread that is closed now, however I feel that it’s necessary to bring this back to the light…

KiCAD in it’s legacy operation, would allow one to hover the cursor over a point on the grid that also coincided with the part to be moved, allowing the part footprint to be pulled to the grid.

As I use nightly, this behaviour has been changed to now have many more difficulties moving parts to the grid. Now, the anchor is only one of many many places that a part can be picked up from, and then the grid does not always even result in that pick up point being placed on it.
For a workaround, I’ve had to look extra extra closely to see if some of the parts are off grid (and some are) and then actually delete them individually, then reload the board from schematic to get that part on the anchor and grid, then replace it where it needs to be. As you can see, this is very very time consuming and laborious.

The old legacy method was lightning quick and I could go around the entire board in minutes to make sure that everything is where it needs to be on the grid… Does anyone here have any insight to make this easier? I would love to be able to at least pick up the parts again using the anchors instead of some random graphic location. Is there some way to automatically get all the parts to slide over to the nearest grid point? I hope this will be addressed.


To make understanding and replying easier, could you add an example project in a state where parts need to be moved? Or at least a screencast about the problem.

What do you mean by legacy?
From the context it seems the v5 Accelerated toolset (F11) while by legacy I understand old F9 canvas.

In v5.99 nightly I can move a footprint either from the anchor or one of the pads without any dificulties.


I think there was a change recently to how block selected move sets their anchor. So @Scott_Cox do you move by hovering over your part and pressing “m” or do you select with mouse-drag and then use “m”?

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Maybe this helps?


Thanks for the replies

eelik ‘warp mouse to origin’ makes it soo much easier and should work fine thank you.

A ways back, there was the option to use the ‘legacy’ graphics. There were apparently two independent code base underneath KiCAD then. There were a few features that I liked about the older way and one was that you could just hover your mouse in an area over the grid point that you wanted your part to be at, press “M” and the part would get sucked to that grid point. Instead of having to guide the part to the grid point as we do now, it would just move to it when pressing “M”.

Thanks again for the replies

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