Smd and Tht footprint confusion

Hello, when I am assigning footprint fo the components I am confused about whether I should use surface mounted (smd) component or theough hole (tht) component.
Pls, help me through this.

Perhaps give this a read?

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I think that many experienced people will agree that in most cases the advantage is with surface mount. These days the SMT components are cheaper and smaller. Once you learn how to work with them, so long as you avoid the tiny/fine pitch parts, rework of SMT can be easier than removing THT components and clearing the holes of solder. SMT components permit lower stray inductance which is important in high frequency power conversion. Even when handling moderate amounts of power, I think that these days most of the advantages lie with SMT.

Through hole is often better for high power or when you want axial components to work as jumpers. It is often helpful to have THT components on hand for manual circuit modifications which do not match the pcb artwork.

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