Small pad conners distored at JLCPCB Gerber viewer

I have created a design in Kicad (5.1.6 on Mac) and while looking at the Gerber preview in JLCPCB I noticed a the corners of the small pads look distorted.
Has anyone seen this before?
And any suggestions how to address / review this?
An earlier design file preview in JLCPCB still works and renders OK. But I have no idea what I am doing different.

JLCPCB viewer is known to be buggy.


Thanks! I searched using the wrong keywords…
Then I’ll assume it is just the viewer and in production it will be OK.

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Nothing to do from your side, this is an online gerbiewer bug, I have seen this today also. You should inspect your gerbers via kicad internal “gerbview.exe”, and also, another online fabs have other viewers, seeedstudio has it. Hint: gerbview.exe from development nightly branch is much better than one from kicad v5.1 branch.

the preview, as noted from other, are buggy… yesterday I received my boards and are fine!

Yes, but the bugs appears to be random. I uploaded a different design with the same pads that I had exported from Kicad earlier and that rendered fine.
I also contacted JLCPCB and they confirmed my input is OK (which I concluded myself too by using the Kicad Gerber viewer). They have forwarded the visualisation bug of the Gerber viewer to their IT department.

I noticed this too - my boards are on the slow but cheap shipping method so good to hear it’s not a problem with the Gerbers.

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