Small mark size in Pads Drill Options

When I want to print (not plot) a PCB layout, I use the Small Mark option on the Pads Drill Options in the print dialog and save it as a PDF file. In the resulting PDF, the Small Marks are so small that I have to zoom to about 300% just to see them. On my 1200 dot per inch laser printer, they don’t show at all.

I want to use the Print option because I want both my layout and my cut lines in the same file.

If I use Plot, the Small Marks are fine but I don’t seem to find a way to have both the layout and the cut lines in the same plot, they are generated as separate PDF’s

Can anyone tell me if (a) there is a way to change the default Small Mark size or (b) tell me how to use Plot and have everything in one file?



You could export your board as SVG and then print the SVG, then you’ll have both information. File->Export->SVG…

Two quesion, which version of KiCAd are you using ? And how do you get the drill marks using plot ?

I’ll try the SVG route, thanks.

I’m using KiCad 5.02.

In the plot dialog there is a drop down to select the drill mark style and I have it set to Small. I think I’ve attached an image here but all I see is a link. I’ll check it after I post.

Tried the SVG export and though the layout came through with all the specified layers, there is no option to use small drill marks. Since I use the drill marks to guide the .7 mm drill bit, having the full size holes is not helpful.

There is a rather extensive discussion of this topic (or a very closely related topic) at “Enable drill marks for Gerber files” .


Have you tried plotting to SVG files? I just checked my 5.0.2 install and I can select Small drill marks for SVG output. I didn’t actually generate the plots so I don’t know what size “Small” really means.

I’m unaware of any way of getting plot to combine several layers into one file, but If the drill marks are appropriate for you from plotting to SVG, the I would imagine that you could combine the individual SVG files in Inkscape and then have more control over which layer is over which other layer. (I’m not sure how you could change the colors of each layer, I’m no Inkscape wizard nor have ever tried my suggestion.)

I had only tried exporting to SVG. When you export to SVG there is an option to combine the layer files but no option to set the small drill marks.

Your suggestion of plotting SVG rather than exporting it does provide the option for small drill marks but loses the ability to combine files.

Since my main intent here is to have the layout with the small marks to use when drilling the PCB (this is a one off situation at home) so that the small marks in the copper (maybe .02" or so) guide the drill to the proper center.

I’ve just installed inkscape and will have to see if I can easily combine the files.

Thanks for your input.

I took a look at that thread. The stuff going on there seems a bit much for what I’m trying to do. I think SembazuruCDE’s solution will get me where I want to be as far as drilling. My desire to include other layers there is a convenience rather than a necessity.

Thanks for taking the time to reply.


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