Small Complaint about Windows window size

My video board and monitor are running at 1920 x 1080 (perhaps low res by some standards). And whenever I select the window to be smaller than the Maximize, the window is larger than my monitor.

Not a big deal but annoying none the less.

Hi, JonhRob

I have the same size monitor. I tried using 5.99 and get the same result. But if you drag in a corner to reduce the “restored” dimensions, then maximize and restore again, the size goes to the previously adjusted restored size.

No issues here with 1080p resolution Windows. Just for some reason it has learned/saved a larger size.

Resize it manually down to the correct size. Close all of kicad. Then relaunch and it’ll have a better default.

I see that as well, however that restored size does not survive closing and restarting.

Both Windoze and Linux allow for the “window” to be dragged to the edge of the monitor in different ways.

Not sure if is a KiCad issue or an OS issue. I’ve learned that it is simple to just drag any window into a corner and let the OS resize the window.

I can move it easy enough, I just wish the program would remember the not Maximized screen size through a shutdown and restart.

As I said, a minor annoyance.

It’s supposed to, it’s a bug.

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