Slow Download - Are there Mirror Options for the Windows 64 bit Release?

I want to try KiCad big time, but the download is very slow. 3 hours plus for a 191mb file. Are there mirrors I can try?

One more hour to go… how’s the download coming? :wink:

The problem may be on your end. This past summer, the download took about 5 minutes or a bit more at my home. (I live in suburban St Louis, Missouri.) For the last month or so, it has taken 45 minutes to an hour. I have DSL from AT&T.

At work, the download has consistently been 3 - 4 minutes. I believe the ISP there is Charter cable.


It took 3 hours. lol. I just let my laptop run until I went to bed. I did a speed test, and it was as expected. I downloaded some other things while waiting that were smaller and they came through at over 20mbps. No worries, I got it now.

Lucky you. I have 25Mbps access… but KiCAD and the extras file are slated to take 8+ and 11+ hours respectively. Yes, you read that right. HOURS.

The download rate for the past ~5 hours has been about 90-140KBps - so about 25 times slower than my advertised bandwidth. (I actually get about 30, but 25 is all the ISP guarantees.) Naturally, I’m wondering if there isn’t maybe another alternative - like a torrent distribution, or at least a faster mirror? I know there are plenty of free services that would host the files - something like (I have no association - they were just one of the first to pop up in a Google search).

It comes in quickly in my office, so I suspect that your ISP has a routing problem