Sleazy bom dot com site spam

There was an obvious spam caught by the system in the moderation queue. When checking the new user it pointed out another account signed up from the same IP address. Less obvious spam but a one post, one visit user with a link to the same site. If you see any of these please give us a heads up.

When LM358 is used as a voltage follower, the chip will get hot

Just put their domain on the word filter hehe

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Thanks for the idea. I generally only mod (interfere) when I feel I have to or it helps a user so these things don’t occur to me. :wink: That and I really never delved that deep into the software. I just put it on the watch list because legit users could have valid reasons for referencing it.

The IP they signed up from is currently blocked. I’m pretty low on the totem pole but I went in and cleaned out that list recently. Years old entries. The software automatically blocks IP addresses when you delete an account for spamming. IP blocking is long term ineffective and potentially counter productive since it isn’t necessarily a unique identifier.

Also, we encourage meaningful vendor participation in the community, but this kind of thing hardly meets that standard.

That sort of thing can be very counterproductive. A company I worked at a few years ago had a list of spam sites, and they would silently delete any email that contained any of those words. Unfortunately, the site was a spam site. That meant that all of our emails talking about GNU autoconf were not delivered, with no clue about what happened. It was very difficult to debug!

Just for the record, the word filter on this software just ■■■■ ing does this. No deletion. :wink: Looking around I was able to find I could just add it to the flag list. World won’t end if they spam again and it takes a few hours to clean up. There is a url filter but it is auto generated and seems to do nothing but report.

The post about LM358 felt strange because the schematic wasn’t made with KiCad. Maybe that should be a red flag. It just wasn’t obvious, so I didn’t check the account and didn’t mark it as spam.

You’re right. That is very old protel. I should have noticed. I used that after upgrading from Dos. :slightly_frowning_face:

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