Size for References, Values and Text for the footprints



When I read the Net file, the size of the References, Text and Values are H=1mm W=1mm

I spend hours to change it manually. Is there a way to change everything at once?

I have tried with Dimensions> Text and Drawings but not works to me.

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Text-editor or scripting will definitely work.

Or you setup your own library with the text sizes set to what you prefer.


Menu Edit -> Set Footprint Field Sizes


Thank you for the tip! , I changed all from file.kicad_pcb with gedit.

(effects (font (size 1 1) (thickness 0.05)))


(effects (font (size 0.2 0.2) (thickness 0.05)))

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Thanks Pedro, I had changed the values in ‘Set Footprint Field Sizes’ but I haven’t selected the checkboxs.

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