Singlesided prints, NPTH problems


Is it possible to create singlesided print with all the through holes non platet, just as if the print were home etch?
If i create a solder wire pad on the back copper layer(same layer as tracks), and select the NPTH pad-type, with only the B.Mask checked, it seems as there is not a clear hole all the way trough the print. In 3D view it looks like there is a layer of soldermask covering the hole? Maybe its just the 3D rendering thats playing tricks, but i dont want to take any risk ordering a print with no drilled holes in it.

Does anyone has a solution to this?

For this kind of odd things it is better to check the Gerbers than the 3D rendering.


If your design is single sided, then the pcb manufacturer will not make them plated.

Is the hole too small?
Perhaps you need to set some bigger values to clearance etc.

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