Single schematic symbol multiple footprints?

In my schematic I have numerous test points. However, on my PCB I would like to have different types of test points. I would like to know if I can have a single schematic (Eeschema) symbol but have more than one footprint in Pcbnew? Thanks!

Oh, I think I answered my own question. It looks like each schematic component is listed separately when filling out the table in Cvpcb. So I can assign different footprints there?

You can use CvPcb for that, but I would advocate for one symbol per footprint. Would you like to be able to differentiate between test points in the schematic or BOM? Maybe not in this specific case, but having separate symbol names would help achieve this.

EDIT: In symbol editor -> edit component properties there is a Footprint Filter tab. I’ve never used this as I never use CvPcb, but it may help with what you’re doing.

The real smart thing about KiCad is that it has components and footprints separated.
You can assign on a per component base the footprint you wish to be on the board (in component properties or bulk per cvpcb. Imagine the multitude of connectors with f.i. 2 pins. could be any coax an dc power connector a block etc.