Single pin symbol for multi-pin connector?

I have several signals scattered around a circuit and want them to appear on specific pins on a connector. I haven’t found a separate connector-pin symbol yet. I can use a power-type symbol and re-label it, but I don’t know how to assign it to specific pins on a connector. I can of course put a net label on each signal and on each pin on the connector. Is there a KiCad way of doing this?
Other CADs I’ve used allowed labelling each floating signal pin as pin 3 of connector 2, e.g. CN2(3). Conveniently, the pin number would auto-increment as I placed the pins around the circuit, and when the full symbol of CN2 was placed at the sch edge, it would be auto-labelled with the nets of the pins that had already been placed, saving a lot of duplicate labelling with 50-pin connectors. Maybe there’s an add-on?
KiCad is undoubtedly brilliant, and I’ve used most packages!

There a many Pins (Single, Multiple, Male, Female) in the libraries.

You can also create your own symbol very easily.

You can assign Footprints to them or make your own.

You can renumber as you desire…

It’s all about learning to use Kicad and there are Many Posts and tutorials…

Below took about two minutes to grab some and another minute to draw wires from them to a 16-pin connector…

SamSpade and the Round one’s are two of the one’s I created and use. The others are stock in Kicad…

You need to use a global label.
one were you signal is to give it a name, then reuse it on the connector

for example :slight_smile:

the CAN_L symbole can bu used at different place, and kicad knows that each net is supposed to be the same one

The is the icon to create a global label

Thanks for the advice guys!
That works for small connectors but is hard work for 50-pins or more, so I think I will group the signals as buses, even though they aren’t really bus-type signals.
Options seem to be:

  • I’ll create a bus something like CN2-1-22-EVEN, break it out to the multi-pin connector and then label the signal origins with a bus entry signal (if I can find such a thing).
  • Maybe I will create a connector containing many single-pin objects, like an IC has 4 gates.

I do know about KiCad’s connectors, custom connectors and global labels (I called them ‘net names’ in my post which might be why you thought I didn’t know that.

I have tried using the various KiCad D{1…8} label syntaxes for multiple signals but they don’t seem to resolve into D1, D2 labels when laying them (they just remain as literal text ‘D{1…8}’ etc. I haven’t got labels to auto-increment automatically when I copy or duplicate them either. Maybe buses will work more easily.

As you say it is a learning process, so if you know where I should have seen an example of a multi-pin connector I would appreciate a link or guide, thanks.

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