Sin/Cos or Polynom copper lane

Hey, i would like create “free shaped” Copper Lanes in form of a Sin/Cos or a Polynom function.

an example y= 16mm sin(x) About 45mm long

Could you help me please how to make this?

thank you for you help/tips in Advance

Hmm, that’s a triggy request. :wink:

Do you have some picture about the shape?


Directly in KiCAD it is not possible unless you “draw” the tracks piece by piece, but here is a couple of options:

  1. Use a Python script to do it (take a look at this post from @Joan_Sparky)
  2. It may be possible with FreeCAD’s sketcher and the import it back into KiCAD with StepUp Tools (@maui may help here)
  3. Do the drawing in a CAD software and the import the result in KiCAD as DXF file, then use a text editor to put the form in the correct layer.

Those are just ideas and possible ways, I haven’t seen an straight solution for your problem.

Hope this helps

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You only need to draw one 90⁰ segment. The rest is copy, paste and perhaps scale.

You can place line segments and arrange them with the polar coordinate setting.


thank you i will try it

I should add.

Right click on a line provides ‘move exactly’ and ‘position relative to’ functions.
Make sure the ‘use polar coordinates’ is checked.

You might find that drawing the layout in a drawing program like Inkscape and using this utility is a simple way of achieving your design. Inkscape has a function plotter which should make drawing the sine/cos waves fairly straightforward.

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Yet another method:
I accidentally bumped into: /usr/share/kicad/demos/microwave/ which is one of the standard demo projects from kicad. It has some curved tracks apparently generated from some text file with a table. I post it just as an alternative, I have not looked into it’s inner workings myself.

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