Simbols selection

It’s not the first time …
I am creating and importing new symbols.
I place them on the sheet and I want to move them …
Why when I select a symbol do I select another one nearby?
How to select only one or to change the selection?
Only the Clarify allows this?
Why not add combinations like Shift + click?
Do you have the same problem?

I’m on W10
Thanks in advance,

KiCad 5.1 has eccentric style for “selecting”. You can’t actually select individual items. If you click a shortcut key on a symbol or use the context menu and select an action there, eeschema starts that action for the symbol which is under the mouse cursor.

In the future in 6.0 (or now in the unstable development version 5.99) you can actually select things normally. It’s very different compared to 5.1. Until then you just have to learn to live with that.

If you have some certain problematic situation, you could give a screenshot of it and maybe we can tell how you can do something.

A more practical use of the mouse would be fantastic!
A good example would be InkScape, even more powerful would be to be able to parameterize shortcuts … like Blender
Thanks for the quick reply, I can’t wait to move on to 6!

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