Silkscreen with document properties like %D date and %T title

Hello Everyone,

Is there a variable that I can use in the silkscreen layer to display the Date or Title of the document? Similar to the way the template editor works with %D and %T.

Not with 5.1, but v6 will have text replacement variables. New string replacement options for kicad assets

Thanks! That’s worth waiting for.

You can do it now with a SimplePlugin.

There are posts on making SimplePlugin’s.

Including the Date and Time is just a couple of lines of code added to the plugin.

Clicking the Plugin Button/Icon will replace the Place-Holder field with the Current Date and Time (and, naturally, you can do other text/items… and use individual Date and Time fields) Pretty simple.

The Place-Holder field can be put into your default Templates and/or simply added to a PCB anytime…

Example shows Notes on different layers and Date/Time on one layer (because I was too lazy to spend 15 seconds adding to other layers…)

There is this plugin which should sort you out.

Generally, there are a lot of plugins available and a good place to start to explore these is this repository.

There was a relatively recent Hackaday piece looking at a few of these.