Silkscreen outside of board edges

I just started using KiCad 7 and EDA in general. Is it going to be a problem for a PCB house to have some silkscreen elements outside of board edges? I don’t know how to edit these things out. Here is my board fragment with yellow silkscreen and white board edge:

Screenshot from 2023-02-28 23-26-27

I have had boards with silk extending off-board for connectors and switches and such – it has never been a problem as the fab house clips the silk off at board edge anyway (as well as removing any silk that is over un-masked copper).

You may want to edit your footprint to move your diode symbol inside though, as that is an important bit of silk.

I modified my library’s footprints to only put silk lines on the part of a connector that is over the board, and I put the rest of the overhanging part on the user-drawing layer (so I can print those two layers together for a full assembly drawing). For the fab layer I just use a rectangle or something similar.

Like this 6P6C jack – this is showing the silk layer:

And this is showing the silk layer plus the user-drawing layer:

The fab layer is just a simple rectangle:

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