Silkscreen gerber accidentally misaligned

Hi, i am a newbie in kicad software and i have a problem with my gerber file. İ changed a gerberfiles silklayer (or silkscreen not sure) file. Right now my other layers and silklayer are in different places. İ would like to put them together, that my all layers fit each other. İ am gratefull tk your efforts and time that u take to answer us.

I have not generated gerbers from KiCad 5.x.x yet but I understand that you generated all files some time ago and now only one.
I suppose you moved the Origin for gerbers (“Place the auxiliary axix origin…” in right toolbar) in meantime.
I have never generated a subset of gerber files. Even if I only change someting at one layer I always generate all layers at once.


Indeed if you do something like that then expect the fab to align it… it can end up broken.

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