Silkscreen Extends Board Boundaries, Problem?

I am trying to create my first KiCad board. I placed a B type USB connector at edge of the board. The problem is, silkscreen of connector extends board edge.

Forum doesn’t allow me to upload a picture since I am a new user. (Why ?)

So, anyway, I think you could understand my quesiton. Does it cause any problem with fabrication. I haven’t produced a PCB with that situation. If it may cause problem, how could I remove that silkscreen? Should I create a new part without a silkscreen. Can I disable silkscreen of a module in Pcbnew individually?


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Forum doesn’t allow me to upload a picture since I am a new user. (Why ?)

That’s a restriction of the forum software intended as spam protection. Once you spent some time in the forum this restriction will automatically be released.

Sorry, can’t answer your main question.

It depends on your manufacturer, some will reject files with excess silk screen, some will just crop it to the board area.

I use a board house that rejects files with silkscreen outside the board area so I developed a technique using the soldermask clipping feature, I mentioned it in another thread:

Hope that helps

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Thank you for explanation about picture uploading. I wiil try external image services in future until it ill be unlocked.


That’s a very clever solution, thank you very much. :smile:

Unfortunately, I haven’t decided to use which board house yet.

I started to edit gerber files after plotting, now it seems to be working well.

Does anyone have a better solution for chopping excess silk? It has been over 3 years since Nathan Dumont posted his most-excellent workaround…

What we really need is another checkbox option on the File->Plot panel:

"Trim silkscreen outside of PCB edge layer"

Man, that would be so awesome.


Just stumbled over the same thing. This is a problem with almost any angled connector that is supposed to be used with e.g. a breadboard or a female header.

It’s not a problem for all the fabricators I’ve used because they will crop any silkscreen outside the board. They are certainly not going to print your silkscreen outside the piece of the large panel that your job has been assigned. Just consider it a warning in case you had some text that you were expecting within the board, which happens now and then when components are moved or rotated.

BTW, notice the original post is 9 years old. Fortunately this is still a valid question.

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Closing this ancient thread. Any discussion about silkscreen outside edge cuts on V7 deserves a new thread

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