Silkscreen and trace

Can traces run under silkscreen or do they have to avoid it?

  • Burek

Normally it’s the other way, silkscreen is clipped to avoid “copper” that is not masked.

Footprints can have a silkscreen rectangle around them. If track couldn’t go under silkscreen you will be not able to connect any track to that footprint.
Tracks are covered with soldermask (except pads to be used to solder elements). Silkscreen is painted on soldermask. Generally silkscreen should avoid openings in soldermask.

There is no problem putting silkscreen onto traces covered by soldermask. Of course depending on trace width and copper thickness, the trace can create a bump in the surface, which can make the silkscreen slightly less readable in some cases. But usually that doesn’t matter, only when you try to print a beautiful logo or something, I’d put it into an area with as few traces as possible.

I understand, thank you so much for your help.

  • Burek

Vias, even if tented, can cause dimples in the solder mask, thus possibly impairing readability. The larger the via’s hole diameter, the deeper the dimple. Personally, I avoid vias under refdes or other (small) text and don’t care otherwise