Silkscreen and other components did disappear after pressing h

kicad 7
the silkscreen was annoying me so I pressed H thinking that it would hide it as in other programs,

but now I am not understanding how to bring it back


layers are all active, in the pcb 3d view the silkscreen is shown, meanwhile in the pcb editor it is not shown

and other footprints like, did also disappear, while in the 3d viewer are present

Press h again. In kicad it toggles this switch:


The Appearance panel is strictly for the design view to make editing and viewing the design easier, it doesn’t affect the actual board (which layers are “active” when the board is made or which layers exist in the design) or the 3D view (which reflects the physical board). The 3D viewer has its own settings for visibility of some things.

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