Silk Screen and component values

I am not able to find out how to include the component values onto the silkscreen. There is a front and back fabrication layer, but you really need in many cases to include the component reference + value(s) on the front and back silkscreen.

Is there a way to do this?


I disagree with this . . . but if it’s what you want you need to change the layer that the reference and value are on. The Properties Manager will help you once you have selected all the References and Values (use the Selection Filter) to change the layer of all the selected items.

KiCAD 7 is a fantastic PCB layout package, no questions about that, but incl. component values and references on the silkscreen is not new. And if you’re doing product dev or servicing, having to refer back to the schematic all the time when doing either is a PITA.

There should be an easy click of a button to merge the fabrication layers to the silkscreen then and another click to globally edit font size on the silk screen.

(I don’t come at this as a PCB design newbie - so this is just feedback for the KiCAD dev team)


There are both of those things. See Edit > Edit Text & Graphics Properties.

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Not realy sure if I understand this correctly but to put designators on the silkscreen is easy. You can go to symbol properties in your schematic hit edit and then add the values you want and check the box ‘show’. When in PCB editor again select a component and the Edit and you will see the ability to show or hide the values and even pick what layer they appear on, personal I put the values on the ‘FAB’ layer but you can put what you like on the silkscreen.

I agree with that point . . . most PCBs I work on do only just have room for the references on the silk layer, there is no chance of squeezing in the values.

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Thank you Jeff and mousey - I will try that later today!



Agree - some boards are too compact. Fortunately, most of my boards are power related, so the thermal considerations and mechanical format mean I’m lucky to be able to include ref and values.



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