Sign change of x-axis in component position files in KiCad 6 and JLCPCB

I’ve recently had problems uploading a component position file to JLCPCB’s assembly service. All components were showing in their board preview mirrored around the x-axis. The mirroring was at a complete board level (i.e. compoents that should have been placed to the left of the board were actually on the right, and vice versa), NOT at individual component level.

Comparing output from a KiCad 6.0.4 project with that of a previous 5.1.10 project, which was assembled by JLCPCB without issue, it seems the PosX value in the in the exported all-pos.csv file has changed sign?

5.1.10 exported with positive PosX values, while in 6.0.4 they are now negative.

Is this a KiCad bug, or a KiCad bug fix?
So does it need reporting to KiCad or JLCPCB?

As JLCPCB must be receiving component positions from many different PCB packages, to me it seems this is probably down to KiCad? Unless JLCPCB have implemented a workaround if they somehow detect KiCad produced component position files.

For the timebeing I have adjusted my scripts to flip sign on exported PosX values from 6.0 projects before uploading to JLCPCB. JLCPCB now importing successfully and my boards are in production.

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