Sierra Quote Plugin?

I tried to use the Sierra quote plugin with Kicad 8.0.1 and it failed for error complaining about the project name. After of trying to use it, i got a call from Florida number asking about PCB… This is not perhaps the best user experience and I am wondering is the source code available so that the plug-in could be made 8.0 compatible or should it be removed from the plug-in manager plug-in list/

Sounds scary… a “phone home” plugin?

You need to talk to them directly, it’s their plugin . . .

They seem to have a quite aggressive marketing strategy. I never installed the plugin myself (and won’t do it either), but I wonder whether it’s (borderline?) spam.

Maybe it’s time that some KiCad developer a bit higher in the picking order to try out this plugin and see whether their marketing strategy is acceptable or too aggressive for KiCad users.

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It is not KiCad team responsibility I think. This plugin apparently requires creating an account on sierra site. From that point it is no longer KiCad concern because user willingly provided contact information.


It’s just the impression I get from the plugin differientiated so much from the reality. It allowed to select the board files, but then it throw python exception and seemed not to work. (I was not able to get pricing information or odering information with the plug-in itself). Instead of that getting a phone call is not something that plug-in users necessarily except. So I would assume that plug-in would need to at least work without exceptions on Kicad 8, if it’s offered to be installed.