Shut down issue with PCBNew

Hi, I am running KiCad V 5.1.2 on Window 7 64bit pro.

I decided to update to the latest version (5.1.5_3), but I think that I closed KiCad whilst the PCB Footprint search was still active.

After that, I could neither uninstall the existing version nor install the latest version, as it told me that PCBNew was still running and would have to be closed to continue, even after a shut down and re-start of both KiCad and the PC.

Trying to open PCBnew from an existing project told me that PCBNew was still running, but I could open a new empty project PCB file.

Eventually I found that PCBnew.exe was still active in Window task manager even though the icon was not showing. It was well down the list and did not appear to be consuming any CPU resources.

I was able to close the process and that allowed the installation to take place.

Is this a bug, and if so do I need to report it anywhere else?

Are you able to reproduce the steps that lead to the problem?
If yes, it would be best to issue a bug report there:

It is obviously a bug if the process does not terminate in a clean way, but it may be hard to find a scenario which leads to such deadlock. Without the scenario that allows to reproduce the bug, probably not much will happen.

Thanks. It may have been a one-off as I cannot reproduce it again.

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