Show Multiple Selected nets trace lengths

How can i list multiple selected net traces lengths in pcb?

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For example while i am designing how can i see trace lengths in parallel interface nets for each trace?
Step 1;
To Select nets, from keyboard Click U, than click U again.
Step 2,
Right click, Show Selected nets length as list on pop up window.

Show selected List as below pop up window

Step 3,
If any net trace is so long or so short, to fix trace lenght;
Use; Top Menu: Route → Tune length (7)


Or Can we see netclasses trace lengths for each nets as a list;

Does this Inspect → Net Inspector do what you want?


Thank you for helping,
This tool is enough for my purpose. :+1:

So in addition Can we filter as net classes? :face_with_monocle:

The net inspector has a filter for net names, but apparently not for net classes. It is a bit of a missed opportunity to first go though the trouble of setting up net classes and assigning nets to them, and then not (yet) being able to show them as a collection in the net inspector.

I quite like the idea and think it is worth a feature request on gitlab.

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What do you think about adding a netclass group filter to Net Inspector?

I haven’t been in that code in years, but I hear it’s gotten quite crufty and is due for a rewrite. It’d be good to have a feature request in gitlab for when that day does arrive…

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