Show / hide layers

Is there a way how to show or hide layers and renders with key shortcut? Or the best will be how to create custom views. I mean that I will define for example that in first view I want to see only front Cu and render front footprints. Second view only bottom Cu and render bottom footprints and so on. Is it possible to do this with macros? I tried it without success.

Well you could try high contrast mode. [H]
It shows the layer you are currently on in color and everything else in gray.

Hi Rene, thanks for hint, although high contrast is nice it is not the same. This feature was in PADS we had in my previous job and it was very handy, because you can define any combination of layers and its subparts (line, text, reference, values, …) you want to see. But I will be satisfied if there will be a way to hide or show layer with key shortcut.

Not available afaik to have pre-defined sets of layer visibilities (yet).

Came up before I think, but not on high prio with the developers - there are more pressing needs atmo.