Should Pcbnew title block be filled in my netlist? (V5)

Hi, I am using Kicad Application: kicad Version: (5.0.0-rc2-dev-570-gbfc70c820), release build with Windows 10/64.

I am laying out a simple design and all seems to be working. However I was wondering if the board drawing title block should be filled from the netlist, or must I re enter the information in Pcbnew?


PCBnew -> File -> Page Settings.
(At least, that is where it is in KiCad V4.0.7).


It is the same in V5, however my comment has to do with automatically populating the Pcbnew title block from the information already in the .net file. This is not really a big deal but more as feedback for the the development team.


I didn’t realize the schematic title block information was in the netlist.

I’m of multiple minds on this. The way I use the title blocks some of the data is common, and other data is unique. For example, I’ve had projects where the schematic and pcb versions have drifted apart. (I make sure the version numbers of both are on the PCB somewhere, usually silkscreen.) Because the versions are different the date (which I link to the version number) will be different. And I use the comments fields for the last 4 changes so those are likely to be different. So selectively being able to chose what transfers over would work. But, that would also add a lot of clutter to the netlist import dialog. Only importing to blank fields would also work, but might cause some unexpected consequences.

I think the most annoying thing is (at least on Windows), you can’t have the page settings dialog open for both eeschema and pcbnew at the same time. Just having the page settings dialog open for one disallows me from even changing focus to the other’s main window. This makes cutting and pasting from one to the other clunky.

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