Should a Netclass be transfered from Schematic to PCB?

On the schematic have a Netclass Flag on a wire. In the PCB Editor I update the board from the schematic and find in the Board Setup the netclass assigned by the flag in the schematic did not transfer to the PCB. I had to manually assign this netclass.

Should the netclass assigned in the schematic have been transferred to the PCB? If so what could be blocking this?

The netclass did transfer earlier. It failed to after I appended a pcb board. I did this append so traces I had put around the edges of the board would not covered by the solder mask. To do this uncover I copied my original PCB board to a temporary file. In that temporary file I deleted all footprints, and traces, except the traces I wanted not to be covered by the solder mask. From this temporary board I created gerbers. I loaded these into the Gerber Viewer, and from there exported the traces to the solder mask layers of a new secnod temporary board. I then opened the original board in a stand alone instance of the PCB editor, and appended the second temporary board. This worked. The traces are uncovered, but now Netclass Flags in the schematic are not reflected in the PCB board.

I am removing the solder mask from the traces I placed around the edges of the board because it is a static discharge protection ring. According to this article, this ring should not have solder mask on it:

My KiCAD version is:
Version: 6.99.0-unknown-5a2f351f28~146~ubuntu21.04.1, release build

There is no such thing as a “Net Class Flag”.

Apparently there is (See Naibs response below).
I have not used KiCad V6.99 and am out of my league here.

And instead of guessing what you did, I’ll write down (shortly) how it works.

In KiCad, a Net Class is a set of rules for track width and clearance. It is only a set of rules. Defining the netclass is not enough to actually use it. To use a netclass you also have to assign nets to the netclass. By default every set of connections gets a name (it always has a name). You can also add a label to a wire in the schematic to give the net a human readable name. This label can also be used to make connections in the schematic without drawing the wire connections.

I also see you are using KiCad V6.99.
This version is not really fit for beginners and there is a big banner on the KiCad website that you should know what you are doing when you use this version.

Why are you using this version, and where did you get it from?

In 6.99 there is and if it isn’t transferring the netclass to the pcb then this is a bug. I just tried it with 6.99 from a couple of weeks ago and it does not transfer the netclass so its either a bug or an incomplete feature. Its nightly so this is expected

According to a gitlab-answer (2…3. weeks ago): Assigning a netclass with the new netclass-label is currently not implemented. Netclass-label is there, but no real netclass-functionality.

Since you are using 6.99, you have volunteered to be a beta tester and if you think something is a bug or is not working as expected, report it as such.