Shortcut key Ω μ etc. in Kicad schematic Layout or PCB Layout

I would like to know if it’s possible to type shortcut keys for Ω μ etc.

You didn’t mention what operating system you are using since they are all different with regard to how you generate these symbols. On a Mac you would use: Option-Z or Option-M. On Windows it’s ALT-0937

Of course a quick google search would have given you the answer.

I don’t advise this. Typically you don’t see these symbols in schematics for a number of reasons. Mostly due to character encoding compatibility across operating systems and languages. Resistor values are typically written as: 100R for 100 ohms, 4.7K etc. For capacitance: 100uF where “u” is used in place of the Greek letter “mu”


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