Shock, horror, KiCad download price increase

Well, Lirpa Loof Yad was yesterday here but enjoy reading it anyway.

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At least it isn’t subscription. Yet…


Don’t ruin next year’s announcement! j/k

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I am on Pacific time. Here, I think the download price (today only) is 0.1% of what it was yesterday.

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I really hope The Kicad Team will post “researching and developing models, building spreadsheets and making slide decks”.
I, for one, would be thrilled to see the results of “poured countless hours into”.

This could be very appealing viewing: a much needed change to show the versatility of “that lot” from the usual, not particularly visually exciting, software upgrades. :grinning:

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Worth every penny! I hope the 2’s and 3’s help reduce the number of bugs!

Actually, the 2’s and 3’s were introduced to support AI. Expect hallucinations. Not that hallucinations can’t also be useful.
Note, this is not real by definition, but it doesn’t diminish its’ usefulness.