Sheet only Annotation - thoughts!

Just looking for opinions, prior to perhaps posting as a wish list / feature request.

At present the Schematic Editor considers ALL the viewable area as active - does it have to be?
What if KiCAD [optionally] ONLY considered the page size in the Schematic Editor layout for its ‘active’ work area - allowing all the area outside this area to be ignored from any form of workflow process - Annotating, DRC, Footprint assigning or PCB routing etc.

So, for us, we would then be able to use this ‘scratchpad’ area within KiCAD for holding snippets of designs say, multiple versions, design notes etc within a project but separated from the main working project and not break the 1 schematic-1 PCB rule.

Perhaps ultimately, as an extension to this idea, this could open the door to true multiple schematic, multiple PCB possibilities within KiCAD if desired, by having multiple pages within the Schematic Editor linked to multiple PCBs.


Multi-design is planned for a later version, but I don’t think it can support this use case very well. The easiest workflow for this with the current setup is to have a separate KiCad instance open, have your snippets there in a dedicated snippet project, and then use copy-paste. Copy-paste does the right thing when moving snippets between projects like this.

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