Sheet not connected as expected

Dear Community,

I created 8 copies of a sheet, that has a hierarchical pin read by an SN74HC165N like this:

However, it turns out that only the first is connected

Can someone please help me out, what am I missing here? I recrated the connections, updated the pcb from the schematics, didn’t help, so I assume I made something wrong.


While duplicating the first hierarchical sheet, the name is incremented. Check if every copy refers to the single same named schematic file. The hierarchical pin on each copy won’t change its name. This name stays in the scope of the sheet instance.
Re-Annotate with this option:

I checked this in the new v8 version. I manually renamed one hierarchical pin at root level. This gets disconnected.

Thank you, this was the key: “The hierarchical pin on each copy won’t change its name”, renaming the pins back to I1 helped, I didn’t have to reannotate the whole schematics.

Perfect. When you are routing the displayed net names on tracks and pads may confuse. See in comparison these list of net names in detail (from my example with the wrongly renamed “in1”):