Sharing sheets between projects. Feature request?

After looking around I couldn’t find where to submit feature requests to the KiCad team, so no doubt someone will now tell me where.

My feature request would be to make it possible to share sheets between projects when for example I keep all my sheets in the /6.0/Sheets directory (not even sure why to have this dir if not to reuse sheets between projects as otherwise it will just fill up with duplicates.

My problem is not that I may edit a sheet used between projects but that the Reference Value may get reassigned or is already used in another project.
One solution would be to have perhaps a field, ‘Project Reference’: Value, which can be different for each project. Perhaps the Schematic Editor shows the Ref as ‘%R7’ instead of say ‘R7’

Being able to ‘lock’ a sheet as well would be nice to avoid accidental edits.

Or more precise here:

But check the existing issues before if someone made the same request. If so you can give it a :+1:

Maybe you could try to have every schematic sheet in a single directory and create links to this sheets in your project folder? I don’t know if this works.
To avoid the reference conflicts, you can number each scheet, tell KiCad to use sheet number times 100 + N for the reference numbers and always use the same order.
This works when you have a small set of sheets you often use and maybe some sheets that are project specific (I do that, but i copy the sheet from one project to the next. Not very DRY-conforming, but it works so far).

You can already share sheets between projects. KiCad will deal with the Reference Designators based on the parent hierarchy.

However, this feature is not often used and creates many issues in the code. It’s slated to be replaced with a different feature to accomplish similar goals.


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