Sharing My concept for Solderless Bread Board Head Pin Modules

Adding a Solderless Bread Board footprint

template for making boards that plug into Solderless Breadboards for an Overkill Breadboard Project!!! I have wasted allot of time on this and I want to just make a Template similar to how the Arduino shields work where if I want to make a board that will plug into a solderless Breadboard I can just fill in the blank and delete or add the headers as needed already properly spaced. and i can focus on the wiring and placement of components on the PCB and not the alignment of the mechanical stuff.

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I think Adafruit and SparkFun have github repositories with breakout boards in EAGLE format that can be imported into KiCad.

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This is my approach post on BreadBoard enables DRC, Schematic, Nets… etc because the PCB is underneath the BreadBoard

I meant to include the following - showing my preferred underlying PCB, that has connected Pads that make a more fully represented BreadBoard (versus a ProtoBoard)

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