Sharing insights on using autorouting

Hi PCB designers,

I’m a Computer Science student from Denmark, researching for my master thesis. I want to investigate and potentially optimise tools used for routing PCB’s. And while I know stuff about algorithms and software, I don’t know that much about designing PCB’s and using such tools. Therefore I need some insights on the subject, hence I created a survey for gathering some data. In short: I need some expert’s opinions :slight_smile:

It’s anonymous of course, and should not take more than 3 min to complete.
I’ll be happy to talk or discuss if you have anything in mind, so feel free to message me.

Also, this was posted with permission from the moderators :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!

The pro’s and con’s of autorouters is a returning topic on this forum. I guess it creates a long thread about once a year,and if you’re interested in this, you can drag them up to look at all those aspects.


Here, a master post that contains other posts on this subject

The bolded link inside is a 202 post discussion

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I already gave that link (in the discussion with moderators). It may be interesting and even important reading for a master thesis but hardly can replace a formal survey.

Thank you the the suggestion :slight_smile: I’ll take a look.

Thank you for the link. As @eelik wrote, the link was already provided and I started reading it. It for sure contains some interesting points :slight_smile:

When do you expect your work to be completed?
I would be interested in your results. Especially since you are not biased like most people that already did weight in to the various auto-router discussions.


bug report: the form asks if someone has used autoplace, but the followup question is mandatory even if the user responds no


My final thesis project will be done in June 2023. For now, I’m doing some prelimenary research in order to understand the subject better/define a problem statement, and how I should approach the problem in my thesis. But I’ll be happy to create a reminder to myself and post my work in this forum (if it’s allowed) and tag you :slight_smile:

Damn! Thank you for pointing this out, I’ll get it fixed asap :slight_smile:

Most of use who have followed the discussions about autorouting would probably be very interested in your work.

And please tell when your survey will be closed.

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Hello everybody.
You can see here, the homepage of Stefan Salewski for topological autorouter

Best regards.


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Hi all :slight_smile:
Thank you SO much for your replies!! I closed the survey, as I have to move forward with my other tasks. I’m very grateful and you have helped me a lot. The replies are very interesting, and I’m looking much forward to do some more analysis.

I’ll share my finished project, when it’s done :smiley: