Shared library of hierarchical sheets

Hello everyone!

I have made a library of hierarchical sheets, with common pieces of schema that are used between multiple projects. I used git to share such library.

I have tried to use it and it work well enough, there is one small detail for which I am wirting:
In the content of a hierarchical sheet there is the reference for one of its instances. Why is that?

I hierarchical sheet X I have symbol A1 and A2 (both instances of symbol A), in project I have X1 and X2 (So there is A1, A2, A3, A4 in total).
in the file X.kicad_sch I have the reference for A1 and A2.

What happens if X.kicad_sch is shared between projects? It will overwrite the A1 and A2, will this be a problem?

Kind regards to anyone who finds the time to read and reply,

Actually, this is already being discussed in issue 2263 and in issue 7945 is stated that

Feature requests should request the outcome or the expressivity; not the implementation.

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