Setting Track and via properties in KiCad (5.1.5)-3

Hi everyone,
I am using KiCad (5.1.5)-3 on Platform Windows 8 (Build 9200), 64 bit edition, 64 bit.

For my PCB layout, I wish to make custom settings for +5V power track to wider track width, larger via size and larger via drill values etc. But when I invoke the “Edit track and via properties” menue in KiCad PCB layout, I can see standard preset Track width and Via size settings etc. but I can’t change them.

Apparently, I am trying to make settings at the wrong place.

Could someone please point out at which place these track and via settings can be made, please. I couldn’t find these in “Schematic entry” part, but probably I overlooked.

Some advise from your side would be very helpful.
Thanks and best regards.

File -> Board Setup…

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@ eelik
Many thanks eelik for your response.
I could verify it now. It works the way you wrote.
Thanks and best regards.

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