Setting the Annotation Numbering

Is it possible to define a starting point for the automatic annotation numbering? I can’t see any option for this.

Why do I want this? I have a project that is going to end up on two separate PCBs. I’d like all the parts on PCB 1 to be numbered R101, R102 etc and all the parts on PCB 2 to be numbered R201, R202 etc.

I did try using a single multi-sheet schematic and this does nicely allow me to annotate the way I want - but then it is only one KiCAD project and really only wants to create 1 PCB. Separate projects for the separate PCBs seems to make life a lot nicer, but then I end up with the numbering problem.

You could create two subsheets, one for each PCB. When annotating, use the option “Start to sheet number”:

That way the components are numbered depending on which sheet they are on. The only downside is that the main sheet is number 1 and the subsheets are 2, 3, …

So will get parts numbered 2xx, 3xx on the subsheets.

Yes, I can do that (and have done). But then I have one project and really one project wants to create just one PCB (the default netlist contains everything). To make separate PCBs from the single set of project files you have to go through a fairly painful and unnatural workflow.

I was just hoping there was an option I had missed to say “start numbering at 200”. That would do exactly what I need. Oh well, I guess not.

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