Setting layer for LOGO footprint

I have a LOGO footprint I wish to etch in the copper of the PCB

I set the active layer (little window on the menu bar) to F.Cu but, as you can see by the colour the logo appears in F.Silk.

How can I fix that?

Kicad version?
How did you create the logo?
Can you share the footprint?

If you created it from any vector graphic you can use svg2mod (plus the open source tool inkscape) as it is able to put stuff directly on copper.

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PihanaLogo-Mirror.kicad_mod (20.1 KB)

Use a text editor to replace F.Silks with F.Cu (or B.Cu as this is mirrored.)

The file with B.Cu: PihanaLogo-Mirror.kicad_mod (20.1 KB)

From the 3d viewer in 4.0.6

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Got it, Rene, Thanks.
Had to change some references to F.SilkS in the text file.
Thanks again

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