SetPos0() disappears

SetPos0(FP_TEXT self, wxPoint aPos)

KICAD6:KiCad Pcbnew Python Scripting: pcbnew.FP_TEXT Class Reference

In the previous version I wanted to move the reference value to the center of the footprint, I could use SetPos0(0), but in kicad8 I can’t find a stand-in for this function, does anyone know?
KICAD8:KiCad Pcbnew Python Scripting: pcbnew Namespace Reference

All the Set/GetXXX0 method are gone because kicad does not store relative coordinates separately anymore. That was refactored to reduce duplicated work and code.

Set the position to the position of the footprint instead, you can get that with GetParent().GetPosition()

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Thank you very much for your reply, your help solved my problem