SetPlotFrameRef fails on Kicad v5

When I use this property to export/plot the SVG of a board, on Kicad v5

import pcbnew as pn 
pctl = pn.PLOT_CONTROLLER(board)
popt = pctl.GetPlotOptions()
popt.SetPlotFrameRef(True) # If this is True, it breaks Kicad v5

Kicad v5 (Currently running 5.1.12) breaks with the following error/message

āžœ plotpcb board.kicad_pcb

Board version: 20171130

 # ID Name      Filename
./kicad/pcbnew/pcbnew.cpp(218): assert "process" failed in Pgm().
plotpcb: line 31: 37534 Segmentation fault      (core dumped) /usr/bin/env python3 "${SCRIPTPATH}/" "$@"

Is still any chance to have this issue fixed on Kicad v5?
On Kicad v6, this works. So, any chance that we get this backported to v5?

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