Server issues and updates


##We’re back

After a long hard fight tonight, we got the server back online using backups. Discourse (the forum software we use) required a couple upgrades due to changes with Docker (the platform it runs on). This was compounded by the fact that the server was out of disk space (really?!) so upgrading required a little bit of server shuffling. Needless to say, it was frustrating but we’re just glad to have the forum back.

We are making the following changes to ensure further future proofing:

  • Setting up monitoring on the site for any issues with the site going down.
  • Doing a daily check on the S3 databackups (a few days were missing, but the most recent day was available, thank goodness).
  • Upped the size of the server one notch (we use Digital Ocean)

What does this means for you?

It’s possible that a few replies or new topics were lost between when the backup happened and when the site was restored. If this is the case, I apologize. There’s very little we can do about that. If you have an email notification about a response that you no longer see on the server, please get in touch with whomever posted it so they can have the exact text to repost.


We know this has been a daily resource for many users and many of you keep coming back to share your knowledge with others. We appreciate that! We’ll continue to work to keep the server running in top shape. Many thanks to the good folks at Discourse for offering this platform for free.

Need some instruction how to use templates


Is it Postgres database space that is killing you? If so, your email logs might be worth checking:


I doubled the storage for the short term (was required to get the server to budge at all), but I’ll look into this. I believe it was actually the containers that were taking up lots of room (the VMs that run on Docker).


Also, this site is running on the beta builds, so that new feature may already be included.


I’m missing a lot of icons on the website… just in case I’m the only one.


We did end up changing IP addresses, so it might be that your cache is confused. Did you happen to clear the cache on your browser?


Gotcha… that solved it. Thx.